“Nilimpenda Jeff,” DJ Fatxo opens up on Jeff mwathi death

Kenyan popular Mugithi Singer DJ Fatxo has for the first time opened up about what he has been going through since the mysterious death of the upcoming interior designer Jeff Mwathi.

While speaking in a Radio Jambo Show hosted by presenter Massawe Japani, Fatxo said that the deceased had a good relationship with his mother and that is why he loved him.

On the death of Jeff, Dj Faxto said he was with him hours before his death because he wanted to contract him to do some interior decor of the business shop he was about to open.

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The singer said that he was forced to travel with Jeff in his car, after inviting him for the negotiations. He added that Jeff was to meet his business partners that were to hire him.

Dj Faxto further revealed that Jeff would oftenly speak with his motherto update her on any progress and any place they went.

Jeff was updating her mother on every place we went through WhatsApp voice note.” Faxto said.

Faxto further intimated that he admired how Jeff related with his mother, because he had a similar relationship with his mother.

I really liked how the two were friends. Just like him, I am very close to my mother. In fact before every show, I must call my Mum to inform her” Faxto added.

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