Azziad Responds to Claims of Visiting Turkey to Enhance Her Body through Plastic Surgery

Tik toker and radio presenter Azziad Nasenya has been forced to respond to claims of planning to enhance her body through plastic surgery after it emerged that she is in Turkey.

Azziad has been giving her fans a sneak peek of her current location by sharing her photos that prove she is living her life to the fullest while revealing that she is in Antalya, Turkey.

According to reports, Turkey is the second most visited country in Europe for plastic surgery procedures and the country comes ninth in the world on the same. Probably, that could have been one of the reasons that prompted a curious fan to want to know why Azziad had visited the country while cautioning her not to spoil her body shape.

“Azziad Uturuki umeenda kufanya nini lakini usije ukaharibu shape yako,” the fan told her.

Taking to her Insta stories, the sultry tiktoker however said that she loves herself and she can not perform such procedures on her body.

“Now this mentality here, I don’t know what to call to call it. Who said visiting Turkey has to be about making bodies and surgeries. Some of us love our bodies and appreciate them and would never change a thing ,that aside, wake up, people are traveling the world it is a tourist country,, ” the sultry content creator said.

Azziad responding to a fan

Previously, a number of netizens claimed that Nasenya had joined the long list of celebrities who had undergone surgeries to enhance her butt.

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