PESA OTAS: Photos of Multi-millions Houses Dem Wa FB is Building For Her Parents

Internet sensation and content creator Dem Wa Facebook has joined the list of celebrities who have built Multi-millions houses for their parents.

Recently, Dem Wa FB gave Kenyans a glimpse of the Multi-millions project. She shared a video on YouTube, showing the progress of the 3-bedroom house. She went ahead and attributed the success to God’s grace and hardwork, and further acknowledged her fans for supporting her.

Mambo ya mungu na bidii, nimeamua kujengea wazazi wangu 3 bedroom house ndio wakae vizuri wakiwa hai bado.

I have genuine fans, thanks a lot my fans pia mumenisupport sana…the power of ladies may God bless you hata wao ndio wamenimotivate nikuje home niwaonyeshe one two huku home.” Dem Wa Facebooks said.

FB IMG 17204911053435601 PESA OTAS: Photos of Multi-millions Houses Dem Wa FB is Building For Her Parents

Speaking on why she opted to build her a house for her parents, Dem Wa Facebook shared that she did it not just out of love for them but because she is also a breadwinner and ought to be a good example. She detailed that the reason she decided to disclose to her fans that she is building a house for her parents is because she has been getting criticism from fans who wondered where she takes her money.

Hii nyumba nimejenga 3 months mahali tumefika ni process ya kueka mabati….na my wish ni by December nataka ikuwe ready tufungue hii Nyumba….mimi ndio breadwinner kwetu na lazima nitengeneze Nyumbani.” Dem Wa Facebook shared.

According to the video she posted on YouTube the house is undoubtedly very much spacious and each section has its purpose, it is nearly complete as it only has few things remaining which are Windows, plaster, plumbing and electricity.

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