Brian Chira reveals that he’s in love with Mulamwah; “Nakutaka”

Brian Chira revealed that he is deeply in love with Mulamwah

Kenyan content creator Brian Chira has revealed that he is deeply in love with comedian Mulamwah.

Brian Chira took to social media to express his affection for the witty rib-cracker. In a Instastories post, Chira shared a photo of Mulamwah with a message ; “Mimi nakutaka” He also accompanied it with several love emojis.

This comes days after Chira registered frustrations after Mulamwah refused to pose for a photo.The socialite was at the National Theatre when the comedian showed up at the venue. Chira approached and asked for a photo with him but he refused.

Furious, Brian Chira took to the TikTok live to lament about the mistreatment. He disclosed that Mulamwah denied him a photo session, accusing him of being too scandalous.

Additionally, Chira accused Mulamwah of being ungrateful adding that he helped him rise to fame. According to him, he knew Mulamwah before he became a celebrity.

Mulamwah not ready for Brian Chira

While speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, Mulamwah confirmed that he indeed refused to have a photo with Chira. He defended his decision, accusing Chira of ruining his reputation through sharing obscene content on social media.

According to him, people use what they see on social media to define people in real life. He further added that he is ready to do content with Brian Chira if he corrects his mistakes.

A while a go, Brian Chira elicited mixed reactions after he poured out his heart to media personality Andrew Kibe. He took to TikTok to shower Kibe with praises.

Naitwa Chira Brian Chira, kibe, Kibe Andrew Kibe aki nimetafuta ni wewe tuu kwanza hizo beards oh my God, you are cute, weuh, Me I want you.” He said.

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The Tik Toker went ahead to share that he would like to have an intimate session with Kibe adding that he has had a crush on him for a very long time.

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