Pastor Kanyari Reveals Why they Buried his sister Starlet Wahu very fast

Pastor Victor Kanyari was forced to address the speculations sorrounding the gruesome murder that was followed by hastened burial of his sister Starlet Wahu.

While speaking to his congregation, the controversial Kenyan preacher opened up on why they buried Wahu two days after she met death.

Shockingly, the pastor disclosed that he is the one who convinced their mother to bury his sister fast.

According to him, the mother agreed and they buried her on Saturday, two days after she died. He shared that the burial was attended by family members only.

“I told my mum that because she has died and she won’t ressurect, let’s burry her. She died on Thursday at around 4 AM. On Friday we did all the preparations and we buried her on Saturday at 8 Am, in a function that was attended by 20 people only,” Pastor Kanyari told congregation.

According to Pastor Kanyari, his family did not want to do a fundraiser for his sister’s burial.

We didn’t want shame and we didn’t want to fundraise. Anyone who sent contribution, I sent back. I said I didn’t want contributions in my sister’s burial. I gave out my money and covered all expenses,” he added.

Speaking during a sermon, Kanyari urged Kenyans to refrain from being judgemental, adding that the only don his sister did was to trust someone he did not know well.

Socialite Starlet Wahu was reportedly murdered by lover John Matara in an Airbnb in South B, Nairobi. She and the suspected murderer had been seen getting into the Airbnb on January 3 at night.

A postmortem examination of her body showed she was strangled and had a deep cut wound on her leg in the thigh which had cut her vein.

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