How Mungai Eve moved from a Broke University Student into a YouTube Millionaire

Mungai Eve Shares Her Past Story Of How She moved from a Broke University Student into a YouTube Millionaire.

InShot 20221117 1742537342 jpg How Mungai Eve moved from a Broke University Student into a YouTube Millionaire

Mungai Eve, a creator of digital content, finds it hard to comprehend the path she had to take to get where she is now in her career. The content producer posted a throwback screenshot of her YouTube channel when it had just 121 subscribers on her Instagram on a Throwback Thursday, beaming with joy. Just so you know, there are currently more than 640 000 subscribers to the channel.

She could not fail to recognize Director Trevor, who has been by her side ever since they began working on the channel.

The author of the content then urged anyone who was starting a project to persevere and have faith in the process because, in time, they would begin to see results.

I was going through my archives and came accross this🥹, this was mungai eve channel in October 2020,seeing the far God has brought me and @director_trevor all i can say is God is so faithful! To anyone doing something right now trust the process, never give up always push harder and never be afraid to take risks!

A BIG THANKYOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR BELIEVING IN MUNGAI EVE BRAND AND SUPPORTING US SINCE DAY ONE🥹🥹 i wish i can HUG all of you! May the lord fulfill all your dreams Nawapenda sana🥹♥️♥️.
To our amazing director @director_trevor always know you are appreciated and thankyou so much for always ensuring we’re giving out great content 🥹♥️
” she wrote.

The story of Eve and Trevor is the ideal illustration of grace. However, their development has not been without obstacles, including harassment by internet users and online trolls.

For instance, Mungai and Trevor promoted Bonfire Adventures a few weeks ago by posting pictures of their vacation online.

While some admirers were giddy over the intimate photographs of the couple, others were busy looking at the cute content creator’s possessions, both those that they had and those that they did not.

Well, if you’ve been following Mungai Eve for a while, you probably know that she doesn’t put up with criticism from others, and this time, she was prepared with a vicious retort to her bullies.

The content creator and fellow content creator Andrew Kibe have also faced a crossroads. The two could not allow Kibe to get away with criticizing Eve and Trevor’s relationship and foretelling its demise.

Eve began criticizing Kibe right once, saying that she could not understand how, at his advanced age, he had the time to disparage young and rising stars in the business. Eve continued by saying that it was insulting for a divorced man (Kibe) to lecture her on how relationships should function while he is not in any healthy relationships and that he had no right to offer such uninvited advise.

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