Content creator Peace Loise cries foul for being a virgin

Kenyan content creator Peace Loise has expressed dissatisfaction with how Kenyans men treat virgins in Kenya.

Content creator Peace Loise says it is true that she is a virgin.

Through a video that has gone viral, Loise says she chosen to disclose about her virginity because of overwhelming questions.

“…..Today I am gathering all my courage to to talk you about something you have been asking on comments. It is true that I am a virgin.That feels so good to say,” she said.

She is however not happy how Kenyan men are treating her kind. She says virgins are marginalized in the community because it is rare to find one.

“The reason I have come out is because we are the marginalized in the society. We used to be the standard but I don’t know what happened.”

According to Peace, no man want to marry a virgin girl.

“Right now you can’t find a single man who want to marry a virgin lady.”

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Content Creator Peace Loise says virgins too need to be recognized. According to her, it is so demotivating when all their efforts to remain pure go unrecognized.

“It is so disheartening to see that all the the work we have put up to preserve our purity is not recognized,” Loise added.

Loise now want Kenyan men to cease giving virgin girls a blind eye.

“I would like to tell men out there that we still exist. They should just look at our direction and they will see that we want them,” she concluded.

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