AWINJA Emotional Story: My Dad worked as Cobbler and Mjengo man due to late payments

Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja Nyamwalo is undoubtedly one of the best Content creators in Kenya.

Recently, the talented rib-cracker gave Kenyans a glimpse of her past and the extent to which her father went to raise her.

Awinja shared an heartwarming message on her Instagram Sunday, in which she celebrated her late Dad. In her message, Awinja regretted his father leaving too soon, and wished that he was alive to witness her success.

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The talented actress acknowledged his father’s efforts to ensuring he provided for his family. As such, she disclosed that although his father had a full-time job, he was at times forced to do side hustles to provide for his family.

Her father who worked as a County Askari was forced to work as a cobbler or in a Mjengo sites, due to late payments at his place of work.

My Dad worked as a County Askari and they would go months without pay but he would do side hustles such as working as a cobbler and working in constructions sites,” Awinja wrote.

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Also, Jacky Vicky recounted his Father’s exceptional love for traditional brew.

“…he would later go to construction sites or alcohol dens in Shauri Moyo for a tin of traditional brew. Wish he was here now so that I could but him a nice crate of Tusker. He would have been happy

I will never forget when one of those alcohol trucks crashed near Kije and we went to pick up bottles of alcohol. We later started flaunting them to neighborhood kids “My dad has picked up more bottles than yours!” said Awinja.

Jacky Vicky Journey to ame

Awinja Nyamwalo rose into limelight after she featured in popular Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandiula Show. The late Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandiula gave her an opportunity after she exhibited exhibited exemplary acting skills during auditions.

After the end of Papa Shirandiula Show, Awinja embarked on different path of entertainment. She acted rib-cracking skits and uploaded them on her social media accounts.

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Awinja has grown to be one of the most sought-after celebrities, with giants brand fighting to work with her.

For instance in 2022, she worked with among other multimillion companies East Africa Breweries, Exe Unga, Naivas Supermarket among others.

She was among the celebrities who were sponsored by Odibets for the Qatar FIFA World Cup.

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