Shix Kapienga: Rise to Stardom and why no man want her

Renowned Kenyan actress Nancy Wanjiku Karanja, better known as Shix Kapienga, recently gave Kenyans a glimpse of her love life, after she opened up on why men fear to put a ring a ring on her finger.

While speaking during an exclusive interview with Comedian Dr. Ofweneke at Tv47, Shix Kapienga connected her being single to misconceptions about growing in Ghetto.

Shix who is popularly known for her Tomboy nature candidly told Ofweneke that men fear to date her because she grew up in Ghetto.

Men assume I am too ghetto for them to date me,” she said.

In the interview, Ofweneke questioned further to know whether her choice of dress had anything to do with men running away from her.

Shix responded by defending her way of dressing. She divulged that her Ghetto background do not require her to don an expensive or complicated outfit.

She said, “In the ghetto, I would just rock my jeans and T-shirt and move on. Why would I wear a dress?

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Further , the thespian reflected on the hardships she faced growing up in the Kangemi neighborhood, emphasizing the need to work harder to overcome life’s challenges.

In the interview, the talented actress opened up on her acting journey, recounting her experience working alongside award-winning actress Lupita Nyongo in Shuga 2. Shix expressed strong admiration for Lupita’s kindness, friendliness, humility, and warmth.

While reflecting on their time together on set and her role in the acclaimed series, she said, “Lupita was very nice, very friendly, very humble, very loving by the way.”

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Despite their professional connection, Shix humorously recounted her quest to find a tweet from Lupita mentioning her.

“I acted with Lupita, but do I say. Umewahi tafuta tweet!? Well it is X now, have you ever scrolled for a tweet, where she wrote and mentioned me? Aki I have looked for it, nimetafuta hio tweet sijawahi pata, mpaka wa leo,” she said.

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