From Grass To Grace: How Simon Kabu Built His Multimillion Tourism Company

Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah for a long time have been serving couple goals. The two are couples that a number of people have been looking up to because of their success in business.

The couple’s 12 year-marriage however recently faced a big storm that shocked Kenyans. Sarah opened up on her struggles in marriage revealing that troubles began 10 years ago and all this while she has been living a fake life. She however admitted that they also had their good times in the marriage.

After being tired, that is when she decided that she was not going to fake life anymore and that is how she opened up. After the revelation Sarah finally apologized to Kabu saying that she was sorry for making their issues public. She also said that she was willing for them to sort out their issues in private and it is the hope of those who admire them that things work out for them.

Simon and Sarah have been an admiration to many because of their success in running a leading travels and tour company which they built from scratch.

Bonfire adventure was born after Simon and Sarah had started dating. The duo met during an adventure at Lukenya, Machakos in December 2008 and within a month, they started dating. By then Simon was working as the head of regional sales at Unga Limited Group.

They both loved activities and adventured and that is how they decided to turn their passion into a business. They would go out for activities and with time, they started inviting friends. Their friends noticed that they were good events planners and whenever there was an event, all the planning will be left for them and they would get paid for that.

The travels company was established with a capital of Kshs10,000 which they used to purchase an office desk from a relative. They registered the company after about four successful events and advertised it through their personal social media accounts.

The current office of Bonfire adventures

Simon’s interest in business however dates way back even before his college days. After completing high school in 1990s, he worked at his aunt’s shop where they sold chapatis and mandazis and that made him develop an interest in entrepreneurship.

The self-made billionaire later joined Egerton University pursuing a Bachelor’s in economics but was forced to drop out of college and find a job so as to raise fees to complete his studies since his parents were unable to cater for his campus education. That is when he landed a tout job. The matatus he worked for plied the Githurai 44 route.

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