Salome Chepkemoi: From Scoring D In KCSE To Owning A Multi-millions Business

Many people think that Education is a gateway to a good life. Well, it is true because it unlocks ones potential and equips someone with skills required in the job market. But what happens to those who do not well in class?

Salome Chepkemoi is a good illustration that not doing well in academics does not rule out chances of succeeding in life.

Despite scoring very poor grades of D in KCSE, she worked out her way to owning a multi-million business.

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The story of the young entrepreneur cuts an image of a determined and focused lady, ready to beat all odds to rise to the top.

Chepkemoi was rejected by her father after she got pregnant in Form two. This did not deter her from completing her secondary school studies. She sat for KCSE in 2012 and scored a D.

To many, the poor performance was an indicator of a bad life ahead but Chepkemoi saw an opportunity to improve her life.

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Immediately after completing her secondary school studies, the 28-year old entrepreneur fled home and got into the world of hustling. She landed her first job at a boutique where she earned commission for each client she served.

While working there, Chepkemoi learned essential business skills that would help her in future.

After working for a while, Salome used her savings to open a small boutique. She used the skills she had learned from her previous employment to operate the business.

Her star lit unexpectedly when one of her friends who was about to fly abroad offered to hand over a company she had been running.

The elated young entrepreneur grabbed the opportunity. She paid some money as goodwill and went on paying rent like the previous tenant.

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The business thrived so fast that she established the second branch.

Salome Chepkemoi is currently running two boutiques in Eldoret town. She has also established a large poultry farm.

In addition Salome owns a home, drives two cars, and works hard to run her well-doing enterprises.

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