“I have been sleepin with my son every Wednesday to make him richer,” Woman confesses

Wonders will never cease! A South Sudanese woman aged 42 has sparked mixed reactions globally after confessing to having a $exûal relationship with his son in order to make him richer. The woman identified as Ajak resides with his son Abel in Netherlands.

According to the Woman, she has had the aff*irs with her son for the last 14 years. According to her, this is the only way to keep his son wealthy and to ensure he doesn’t dies.

Ajak, the woman who traces her origin to Dinka tribe divulged that she is the reason her son is stinking rich. She disclosed that she offers her son a steamy $xual session every Wednesday in order to ensure he remains rich. She revealed that she was instructed by the Witch doctor to give son Abel her n0ked body every Wednesday.

Abel who runs a transport company has seen his business flourish day by day. Speaking to the media, his mother said: “I have been sl**ping with my son, Abel since 2002. He had just started his transportation business, which has now grown tremendously. He now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars.”

According to reports, Ajak was once prayed by the pastor of Great Kingdom Church, Netherlands after she confessed the story.

She however drifted back to the habit of giving her son a steamy session for fear that he will lose wealth and die.She continued with the sexual relationship with the son for the sake of his life and wealth.

We have $ex every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried,” she disclosed.

Ajak further added, “The price is that, once I stop sl*epin with him, all our hard-earned wealth will vanish in thin air. My son will also die a very painful death.”

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