Where is Pauline Njoroge?

Kenyans raises concerns over whereabout of Pauline Njoroge

A large section of Kenyans have raised concerns over the mysterious silence of popular political blogger Pauline Njoroge. Kenyans online have raised eyebrows,after establishment that the social media activities of the influencer influencer have gone down.

Many Kenyans noted that the vibrant social media guru has not posted anything on her accounts for the last one day. One of her fellow influencer popularly known as Alfred Koech – Sergeant shared her photo on social media and raised concerns over her welfare.

What’s up with our Senge? Hope she is okay,” he wrote.

During the 2022 General Elections, Pauline Njoroge was very vocal in drumming support for Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance’s candidate Raila Odinga. The seasoned blogger used her large following on social media to influence youths into voting for Raila Odinga.

Despite Raila Odinga losing his presidential bid, Pauline has been very vocal on matters of politics.She has been in forefront in fighting for Kenyans, especially against government policies.

Her mysterious silence comes amidst the political intolerance that have been fueled by Azimio-led Anti-government protests. Pauline Njoroge has been vocal in condemning excessive use of power by police officers in calming the protestors.

In one of her most recent posts, Pauline Njoroge raised concerns over ‘animosity’ that was meted on residents of Nyalenda, Nyanza.

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The massacre happening in Nyanza is heartbreaking. The images are so painful to see 😭😭😭.

Men’s organs are being mutilated, other forms of atrocities, crimes against humanity also happening especially in the Nyalenda area. Why would the government persecute its people it’s such a manner. Why would it terrorize its own citizens?

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