4 Multi-Billion Properties Owned By Raila Odinga

Former prime minister Raila Odinga is one of the most affluent politicians in Kenya. Everything around him speaks opulence.

The veteran politician began his political journey in1980s during the regime of Kenya’s former President Moi. He is celebrated as one of those who fought for some of democratic rights we enjoy today.

Although he has unsuccessfully contested for Presidency 5 times, Raila has remained a political heavyweight. He enjoys massive support from a large section of Kenya.

Raila is also an astute businessman who runs a number of multi-billion businesses. He also owns several properties.

In this article, Public News will take a look at some of properties owned by Raila Odinga.

Properties owned by Raila Odinga


Raila Odinga owns several Kingly homes;

  • RIAT HOME: He owns a Ksh. 1 billion in Riat, Kisumu County. The palatial home features 10 bedrooms,helipad, Jacuzzi, theatre, state-of-art Kitchen and conference halls.
image 66 4 Multi-Billion Properties Owned By Raila Odinga
  • KAREN HOME: The former prime minister also owns a multi-million house in the leafy suburbs of Karen, Nairobi.
  • RUNDA HOME: The mult-million house sits in the prime leafy suburbs of Runda,Nairobi.
  • MOMBASA HOLIDAY HOME: When not engaged in political and business activities, Raila once in awhile go to Mombasa to take a rest. He owns a multi-millions house there.

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image 65 4 Multi-Billion Properties Owned By Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga is among the wealthy Kenyans with a chopper.

The craft belongs to Mercedes Benz Eurocopter Premieres EC145. It is equipped with military technology that can detect attacks on its radar with a radius of 1200 miles.

It is worth approximately Ksh.500 millions.

His aircraft went viral earlier this year after it was stoned in Uashin Gishu during the campaign period.

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Pan African Petroleum Company

The company was established in 2005. It mainly deals with importation and distribution of petroleum products.

East African Spectre

The company deals with manufacture of gas cylinders.

He founded it in 1971. An Indian approached Raila with a good deal-selling a Standard Processing Equipment Construction at Ksh. 12,000 during the regime of Iddi Amin.

By then, Raila who was a lecturer at University of Nairobi was earning Ksh. 2000. He sold his first car to pay for the machine.

The company has now grown to one of the major manufacturers of gas cylinders in East Africa.


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