“Enough is Enough,” Meru Deputy governor Mutuma M’Ethingia Breaks Silence on Being Tribulated by Governor Kawira Mwangaza

Meru County deputy governor Mutuma M’Ethingia has in shocking move broken the silence over disquiet between him and the county boss Kawira Mwangaza. DG Mutuma while speaking at Maua town, claimed that Kawira Mwangaza has been fighting him, and that he has been keeping quiet hoping things will change.

While addressing the residents of Maua, DG Mutuma revealed that the county government has fired all his staff. He however ruled out resigning from his position, adding that he will serve Meru residents until his term expires.

“Those thinking I’m going to resign should engage their minds on other things, I’m here to stay, I’m here until my term in office comes to the end, Aug 2027. I have gone a lot since Feb, you can’t imagine, when I took office I was 94Kgs and now I’m 78kgs”

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Additionally, the Meru deputy governor disclosed that his cars have been confiscated, and that he has been operating on his salary. According to him, the rivalry between him and the governor began some months ago, when the governor faced Impeachment over misappropriation of funds, nepotism among other charges.

My tribulations started after the infamous impeachment. My budget was cut completely. Since February, I have been operating on my salary. My 2 cars were confiscated, one was given to the governor’s political advisor, and the other went to another department,” he added.

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