Meet the popular John Wanyama, popularly known as Prophet John the Fifth, claiming to heal HIV, cancer and other diseases

  • Ronald Wanya popular known as Prophet John the fifth has 42 wives and 289 children.
  • The prophet has also written a 69-books bible
  • He claims that he heals HIV, cancer and other serious diseases

Ronald Wanyama, a 82 year old from Bungoma popularly known as Prophet John the Fifth claims that he heals HIV, cancer, injuries and other sicknesses

The Prophet while speaking to local magazine, the star, he said that he healed his mny clients through herbal medicine. He revealed that he serves over 70,000 people in a year.

Ronald Wanyama ( Prophet John The Fifth) Has many Children

Earlier on, the ageing man caused a stir on social media after he revealed that he has 42 wives and 289 children. The youngest wife, whom he married in 2021 is 24 years old. The prophet went ahead and intimated that he has a plan of marrying more wives in future because he has energy.

John now claims that he also helps divorced couples to reunite.

The prophet said he has written his 69-books bible, that he uses to teach his congregants.

All my services are bible-related. I am the only person who will change the gospel Worldwide,” he said.

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In the interview at his residence in Nzoia, the prophet revealed he was born in 1940 at Saboti constituency, Trans-Nzoia County. His father later relocated to Kandusi, in Bungoma County. The prophet however seperated with his family to pursue his call of serving God.

The preacher further disclosed that God gave him power to prophesy and heal people.

He said he has prayed for millions of people from all parts of the World. On charges, the prophet said that he serves clients for free, adding that he was given the gift by God for free.

The prophet boasts three homes; three in Bungoma (Nandolia, Matulo na Webuye), Kitale and Lugari in Kakamega County.

The prophet has a church at his home. The church has a ward where he admits those who are critically ill.

Some of these drugs have severe side effects. I therefore have a some rooms iat my home where those under treatment rest as I pray for them,” he said.

After praying for the sick, he goes to River Chwele where he baptises them as a way of cleansing their sins.

I have huge track of land and resources that are enough to take care of my family.”

The prophet’s fifth wife, Catherine Nalonja, who has 5 children, said she got married in 2002.

The 42 wives lives in harmony and they all have a good relationship with the prophet.

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