“Nililia sana 😭,” Pauline Njoroge recounts losing unborn twins

Pauline Njoroge narrated how she lost unborn twins, putting her in an awkward situation.

May 15th is always celebrated as Worlds Mothers Day. As usual people take everything available platforms to wish well and appreciate their loved ones.

In a special message on social media, Kenyan politician blogger and Influencer Pauline Njoroge left Kenyans in tears after she narrated how she lost unborn babies. According to her, carrying twins gave her joy she has never experienced before.

Not long ago I carried twins in my womb and they brought me the most fulfilling joy. Those few months made part of my life’s happiest days, and I was ever smiling. One of my close friends even nicknamed me Mama Happiness,” she wrote.

Pauline Njoroge accompanied her post with her beautiful photo that showed her flaunting her baby bump. From the photo it was evident that the expectant mother was over the moon.

FB IMG 16840572459546442 jpg "Nililia sana 😭," Pauline Njoroge recounts losing unborn twins

In her post, she went ahead and explained the pain of losing what she longed for. She was forced to put a brave face while she was dying from inside.

Losing my unborn children crashed me… watching as they disappeared in a pool of blood caused me unexplainable pain. For several months I was an emotional mess and nothing could comfort me. I broke down a million times and tears became my daily food. Out here I kept a strong face because sometimes as women and leaders, we do not have the luxury of breaking down in public no matter what is happening internally.

“I am grateful for the strong support system in my life, which carried me through this period and for God’s grace.”

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Kenyans console Pauline Njoroge

While reacting to her post, several kenyans encouraged her to brave on. Some ladies went ahead and shared their experience of undergoing a similar situation.

I’m so sorry Pauline Njoroge . You will make a wonderful mum again and again. I have faith that God is doing a new thing in your life. For today, happy mother’s day mama happiness because yes, you are a mom to two beautiful angels.

Very many hugs dear ❤️❤️ You are an amazing person and it is not over yet. And Happy Mother’s life

Unborn born grown up it doesn’t matter the age at which a mom losses her baby the pain is unbearable sometimes we strong sometimes we break down I became a mom for the second time coz of this gal I heard her first cry,I held her in my hands,breast feed her n latter left mi😭😭😭😭😭😭

God is not done with you, utakuwa mama wa Triplets 💚Happy Mother’s Day hun♥️

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