Vyette Obura Opens Up On Getting Back Into Relationship With Bahati

Kenyan Singer Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura, a successful entrepreneur and influential figure on social media, recently shared valuable insights about her personal life. She specifically delved on her romantic entanglement and the challenges of co-parenting with singer Kevin Kioko Bahati.

Obura who was speaking during an Interview at Mpasho Live opened up on various aspects of her life, and her nature of relationship with Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

Vyette Obura praised Bahati for being supportive in the co-parenting journey. She however expressed strong stance against infidelity.

Am not dating and I love it hear. I had somebody but shit happens. I dont share my man and if I get into a situation where I feel like I am sharing, then it’s a wrap… I dont entertain flirting, cheating anything. I gave him several chances. There is no possibility of getting back with him,” she noted.

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About his relationship with Bahati he said, “We do talk, but we got to a place where we were like we can just be friends. He was on my next of kin and I was on his next of kin list, It was that serious. Unapata nikienda kufanya kitu kwa bank naulizwa huyo mwingine ako wapi akuje asign.

Ama nikikosekana kwa shule ya kina Mueni ama Bahati pia asipatikane, ni yeye anatafutwa. Mimi nilikuwa najua naolewa. Nilikuwa nishamuintroduce kwa Mueni but we had to explain to her what happened. She’s so mature.”

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Vyette Obura noted that she has not had any problem in co-parenting their daughter Mueni.

“Co-parenting is amazing. I think the only fight we have with bahati is that anataka Mueni akae kwake sana. Hatujawahi pigana. They are amazing people,” she said.

Yvette Obura addressing rumours about getting back with Bahati:

When? Never! My break-up happened last year, so ilihappen Lini? Make it make sense,” she said.

Diana Bahati is such an amazing mum and am giving her her flowers. There’s this one time I had a very bad mental break-down and she took Mueni for like two weeks. Huwezi lea mtoi ukiwa mentally unwell. Hio ndio siku nakaanga hivi najiambia this girl is heaven sent. Hata nguo mob sinunuliangi Mueni. Anakujanga tu ananiambia ni Diana amenunua. Anamwitanga mum,” she said

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