“Bahati hupiga mechi hata nikiwa nanyesha,” Diana Marua reveals

Singer Bahati and Vlogger Diana Marua are undoubtedly one of the craziest celebrity couples in Kenya. The two are fond of flaunting their love on social media and also never shy from from engaging in controversial topics.

In one of the their recent excursion, the duo caused a buzz on social media. This is after Marua revealed that Bahati is a star in bedroom matters.

Diana Marua shared a video days after she laid to rest her grandma. In the video, the smiley YouTuber appeared to have overcomed the shock of losing a close relative she termed as a ‘mother she never heard’.

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It all started when Marua sought to know why Bahati looked so happy.

But babe I want you to be honest with me, why are you so happy?” Diana asked but before he could respond, she chimed in, declaring that she was the secret behind his contagious joy.

It’s all because of me!” she boasted.

Bahati however lamented that he would have been happier if Marua did not deny him lungula for five whole days.

imagine Iam happy na sijapewa singu ngapi? Tano! ” he retorted.

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Marua was not willing to lose. She shot back with a more shocking revelation that Bahati is bedroom maniac. She disclosed that he drinks from her honey pot even when in her menstrual cycle.

wacheni niwambie ukweli, mnaona huyu mtu, huyu ata na red sea jana alipewa” She responded.

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Marua shared the hilarious video on social media, accompanied by a caption from Diana Marua, questioning whether other women face the same situation she faces with Bahati.

Ayeeeeeeee nijibuni kabla mlale… is it only Bahati hatambui RED SEA (menses) ama tuko wengi??? 😂😂😂😂, ” she asked.

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