Diana Marua’s nanny Irene Nekesa gets a salary equivalent to that of KDF soldier

IIf her words are anything to go by, Diana Marua’s nanny Irene Nekesa is undoubtedly one of highest paid househelps in Kenya.

Irene Nekesa joined Bahati’s family five years ago. She has formed a strong bond with Bahati’s entire family, including children.

Irene Nekesa is paid by Bahati and Diana Marua Ksh.100K per month
Irene Nekesa having fun with Bahati’s Children

Diana Marua disclosed in one the previous interview that she hired Irene because of her handwork and thoroughness in her work. The mother of three said she was impressed by her work after she contracted her as mama fua.

My nanny’s first day at work was excellent. Her hard work made us ho hire Irene Nekesa. I can never let her go“, Diana Marua has revealed.

She added, “Niliambia Hila, hao wamama wanakujanga huku nje kutafuta kazi ya kufua, nitafutie mama mmoja akuje anifulie nguo. Akiniletea Irene. Akafua nguo siku ya kwanza, akapamba nyumba. Nilipotoka kwa bedroom nilishangaa. Kulikuwa kusafi kabisa. Alinichanua vitu mob.”

While speaking during an interview with NTV, Irene Nekesa praised Bahati and Marua for being so good to her. She disclosed that the celebrity couple has allowed her to raise her children in their home.

Irene Nekesa Bags Hefty Salary of Ksh.100K

In the interview with NTV, Irene Nekesa went ahead and bragged about earning a salary equal to that of a KDF Major.

Irene Nekesa work for Bahati jpg Diana Marua's nanny Irene Nekesa gets a salary equivalent to that of KDF soldier
Irene Nekesa with Diana Marua

The celebrity nanny caused a buzz on social media after she intimated that Marua pays her Ksh. 100K every month.

Diana Marua pays Air Ticket For Irene Nekesa

Earlier this year, Diana Marua took love for her nanny a notch higher and paid for her a air ticket. While disclosing the news through her long Facebook post, Marua disclosed that boarding a plane was a dream come true for Irene.

“My Nanny Irene Nekesa is one of the Best people God every brought my way. She’s been with us since my baby @heavenbahati was 5 months old and she’s soon to turn 5 Years old in a few weeks 💃Being cared for by Irene over the years has brought me/us soo much peace and joy. What any mother would wish for from a caregiver. She’s a part of us, she is family.

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She came in as a day nanny and because of her impressive work ethic all round, I hired her as a full time nanny and since she had her son, Joshua who was 4 years then and had no one to take care of him, we took him in as well.

One of her desire was to “see an aeroplane closer” 😂😂😂😂 so, yesterday, she not only saw the plane, but we flew with her all the way to @malindidreamgarden with my family together with her son to enjoy our holidays.” She wrote.

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