Pastor closes a church after winning 100 million bet

If you thought you had seen it all, then you’re wrong. A Pastor in Uganda has left his congregants in shock for closing down his church after reaping big in sports betting.

Pastor Tim took the bold step after he won over 100 million from sports betting (equivalent to Ksh 3,480,000).

According to neighbors, man of God held several outdoor crusades in the area, where he narrated how he had a divine encounter with the Almighty. He also performed healing miracles.

We are also in shock. Pastor Tim used to hold big crusades here. He gave very big testimonies and shared big visions, saying God had appointed him a representative of heaven on earth,” said a residen.

While speaking in an interview, the pastor left many in shock. According to him, his aspiration was to be rich and not to draw souls to christ.

Let us not lie. I was motivated into opening the church after I saw pastors making millions of money after pulling large crowd. That is the reason I opened mine. I did not have anointing,” he said.

Pastor Tim further revealed that he turned into gambling after after he realized that his dream of making millions from his church was farfrom reality.

“All along I had plans to close the Church, but I decided to take everything slowly, since I wholly depended on the offerings for food.” he said.

The man of God turned Gambler, used the church offering and tithe to place a bet.

“I started gambling about 4 years ago. I would place bets on several platforms using the money I got as offering and tithes in Church. Sometimes I would come up with a fake Church project to get some money for bets over the weekend.” he added.

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Pastor Tim is now planning to use the win to start a business.

I am a businessman. My passion all along was business. I am planning to start a big shop in a town far from here. I will also get a nice car. God has remembered me.”

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