Drama as Teachers fight ‘JSS Mogul’ over food

Drama ensued at (name anonymous) primary School in Kakamega after a teacher failed to pay for food, prompting them to exchange blows. The teachers had a fierce disagreement, making them to engage in a physical fight.

It all began when the head of the teachers’ welfare announced that those who had not contributed towards the lunch kitty will not be served meals. According to the reports, the teacher were indirectly addressing a graduate teacher, who joined the school as intern teacher.

It’s almost a month since Mr. Nekesa joined us. He has been treating us with a lot of contempt. He has on several occasions vowed that he will not contribute for lunch yet he is always the first person to serve food,” said the enraged head of welfare.

Aware of the looming danger, Mr. Nekesa hatched a plan to prove the other teachers that he was more learned. In what appeared like a genius move, the teacher shot out of the class before the bell was rang. He rushed to the kitchen and asked to be served his lunch.

I’m in hurry..I want to rush somewhere,” he convinced the cook.

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The cook who was unaware of what was happening did as he was requested. The teacher feasted heavily and retreated back to the staff room smiling.

Hell broke loose when some teachers missed lunch, prompting the cook to unravel the puzzle. The male teachers who were breathing fire caught Mr. Nekesa by shirt, exchanged blows before the head teacher calmed the situation.

Ametuzoea. Juu ako na degree anatufanyia madharau Kila siku,” one teacher lamented.

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