“Kuja Nikudunge watoto sita,” Andrew Kibe falls in love with Nikita Kering

In one of his recent YouTube videos, Kenyan self-made moral police Andrew Kibe has expressed his deep admiration for singer Nikita Kering. Kibe gushed over Nikita while describing how beautiful and attractive she is.

In the video, the US-based content creator played Nitita’s Tik Tok videos. She praised her for being blessed with good looks and figure.

He revealed that given Nikita, he would disappear from his YouTube show foe a couple of weeks.

Unaonaje huyo mgalee (Kalenjin). Naeza disappear kwa hii pudesh for 3 weeks, mkikuja hapa kunifafuta kwa show mnanikosa,” he said.

Andrew Kibe invite Nikita Kering To US

Andrew Kibe went ahead and made a shot straight to the target. The media personality pleaded with Nikita to consider looking a visa and move to USA, where they will settle and have kids. Kibe noted that he wouldn’t mind giving her 6 kids, adding that he will look for a nice house where they will settle.

Nikita, I want to save you. Najua huwezi kosa visa ya kukuja US. Ukuje, nikumarry, upate watoto kama tano, sita, nikuwekea nyumba place utakuwa unaraise watoto wakifika three unaniletea. This goodness is going to be consumed by people who are not serious and the pain you shall feel is not good” He continued.

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For the past few months, Mr. Lambistic as he calls himself has been poking holes into happy couples. The most recent victims of his online trolls were Diana Marua and YouTuber Eve Mungai.

A while ago he described himself as a collection of failures because he was married twice and both marriages and relationships never worked out noting that it shaped him and made him who is now further encouraging his followers to embrace their failures noting that;

Bro, I’m a collection failure. I failed in marriages, not once, but twice. All my relationships have come to an end.”

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