“Hapa salamu ni mpesa baby,” Diana Marua reveals Bahati must dish out money as morning greetings

Bahati and Diana Marua are undoubtedly one of the most crazy celebrity couples in Kenya. The two never shy away from sharing their deep secrets, some of which are controversial.

Marua rose from a broke Mpesa lady to a social media media influencer. She tactfully rode on her husband’s fame and gained huge following on social media.She is now making making millions of money on through content creation.

The two lovebirds have been making headlines on social media, considering that Marua us older than Bahati.

In a recent social media post, Marua caused a buzz on social media after she revealed that she does not take empty good morning wishes from her bae. The socia media influencer revealed, through her Instagram post, that her husband Bahati must accompany greetings and flattery with cash.

Hapa salamu za good morning ni mpesa Baby… si umelalaje, umeamkaje, hizo ufala baby! Nilitoka ligi ndogo niko biggy baby 😉” she says.

A section of netizens however dismissed her claims as mere stunts. They urged the Marua to stop pressuring Kenyan couples to live beyond their means.

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