“Ulikuwa kama mama,” Diana Marua pens emotional message to her late grandma

Kenya Singer Bahati’s wife diana Marua has penned an emotional message to her late grandma.

Marua lost her grandma few days ago. She shared on social media, that she was in a low moment after losing a loved one.

Moments after burying her grandma, Marua has eulogised her grandmother in a special long post published on her social media accounts. In her post, Marua revealed that she was about to go to check on her health when she received the sad news of her demise .

I had planned to go see my grandma with the kids this coming Sunday. Earlier in the week on Monday evening, I was informed that she was unwell. I got home and packed my bag to go spend the week with her.

On Tuesday morning, I prepared, carried my bag set to leave for her place. I switched on my phone, and the first message I received was that “Mum has gone to be with Lord.

I couldn’t breathe. Screamed my lungs out. I was in shock, I was numb.


Mother Diana Marua didn’t have

Diana Marua further eulogised her grandma as a mother she did not have. Marua lost her mother while in highschool, after which she stayed with her grandma.

She was the mother I didn’t have. She did all she could for us when we lost our Mum, her daughter.

To see you lying in this casket was a blow for me, another heartbreaking moment. This pain, I cannot explain. You died in your sleep peacefully and left instructions for people to celebrate your life and not mourn. You requested to be buried as soon as possible, ” she added.

Bahati’s wife also celebrated her grandmother for impacting important life skills in her.

You have taught me a lot in this life. How to be strong and move on with life, to let go of hurt and pain, and most importantly, what it means to walk with God.”

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