Diana Marua lists causes of fallout with Bahati’s baby mama Vyette Obura

Kenyan singer Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has revealed the reason behind her seperation with Bahati’s baby mama Vyette Obura.

Obura is the mother of Bahati’s beautiful daughter Mueni Bahati. Marua met Bahati when Mueni was one.

Unlike many co-wifes, Obura and Diana Marua have had good relationship. A while a go, the two elicited mixed reactions after they disclosed that they are co-parenting Mueni.

Diana Marua shared beautiful photos she captured after she went to celebrate Mueni’s birthday.

Although a many fans were happy about them showing Mueni some love,a section speculated that hatred would fuel between then. Some warned Marua Bahati about being friendly to Bahati’s baby mama.


True to fans’ words, Obura and Marua seems to have gone their separate ways. The rift between the two has been increasing every day.

FB IMG 16764595433367928 jpg Diana Marua lists causes of fallout with Bahati's baby mama Vyette Obura
Diana Marua with Vyette Obura

Unlike before, it is long since the two took a phto together.Diana confirmed this through his Instagram account. In a question and answer questions, a fan sought to know the cause of their seperation.

Imagine if Mueni was there too 😢. Whatever it is that happened, I rebuke the spirit of seperation in Jesus name! Let peace reign and God bring back Baby Mueni home to her siblings 😍❤️,” the fan wrote.

In a response, Marua cited ungratefulness, bitterness as major cause of their separation.

Let’s not involved Jesus where there is ungratefulness, bitterness and spite. Love and light ❤,” Diana wrote back.️

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