Manzi wa Kibera: I charge Ksh 1.5M for a night stand

In one of the recent interview at Radio Jambo hosted by Massawe Japani, popular Kenyan socialite Manzi wa Kibera caught many by surprise after revealing that her schooling ended in primary school. This is despite living a flashy life that can only be afforded by few people. She disclosed that her education ended at either class 2 or 3.

It was either class 2 or 3. But Msinijudge. Masomo iliniboo hapo Class 2 ama 3 juu ya kuamka mapema.” She said.

The socialite however bragged being street smart, adding that she has managed to acquire important certificates.

“.. Lakini niko na certificates za Class 8, Form 4 na degree ya Human Resource na Interior,” she added.

Manzi wa Kibera believes that a girl needs just a good look to do well in life. According to her, education is a bonus.

Nairobi si unaelewa venya unafaa ukae. Siwezi kurudi shule. For what. Masomo ni bonus, lakini if you are looking good, uko on the right track in life. I am doing good because I look good. Siwezi sota.”

While speaking on her nyash, the social media influencer revealed that it is not real but artificial. She added that the asset is a sole source of income, wondering why a lady would choose to struggle while they have an opportunity to dish money from men.

Ni china squay. Purely china square. Mbona nifiche?”

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Manzi wa Kibera living like a queen

Manzi wa Kibera is one of Kenyan socialites who life speak wealth and opulence.On April 2022, she acquired a Prado TX worth about Ksh 6 million and paid an extra Ksh 1 million for custom number plates.

A few months later, she also acquired a luxurious apartment in Westlands, Nairobi at a price of Ksh 8.5 million.

If what she says ia anything to go by, then her net worth is approximately between Ksh 10 million to Ksh 20 million.

Source of Wealth

The Socialite rose into limelight after featuring in Eric Omondi’s reality Tv Show – Wife Material. She has ever since featured in several music video as video vixen.

A while ago, she spoke about her rate card. She left many speechless after revealing that charges a whooping Ksh 100K to make an appearance in a club.

This is how my rate card reads; club appearance ni 100Gs, one minute, 100K,” she stated. Sh also noted that her fans must part with some money to have a selfie with her. She revealed that for a selfie without a smile, she charges 5K while with smile goes for Ksh.10K.

Watu wa selfie, bila ku smile nikiwa hivi 5K, nikiwa hivi, 10K.”

Besides appearances, the Socialite also makes good money from hungry men who want to have a steamy moment with her. She disclosed that a man must cough over Ksh.1.5million for a one night stand.

Well, before nimlize, one night stand ni Ksh 1.5M.

Manzi wa Kibera also enjoys relatively huge following on social media platforms, through which she makes money by promoting brands.

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