2023 Mwaka wa Kupanuliwa ~ Justina Syokau composes beautiful message to usher new year

Sensational Kenyan singer Justina Syokau has composed a song with beautiful message to usher the new year of 2023.

Syokau has released the hit to give Kenyans hope even as they plan to bid 2022 bye.

In her song full of energetic moves, Syokau has predicted and hoped that 2023 will be full of joy.

The singer has in her message prayed that the year will be full of harvests and expansion.

Twendy Twendy Thilii ni mwaka wa mavuno. Twendy Twendy thilii ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa. (2023 is a year of harvest. 2023 is a year of expansion)

Her message of hope has been received well with her song garnering over 200K YouTube views in less than a week.


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A number of Kenyans have also taken the ‘2023’ song challenge to the TikTok.

Justina Syokau rose to fame towards the end of 2019 when she released ‘twendy twendy’ to usher the year 2020.

The singer however faced criticism later in the year after Coronavirus struck rendering many jobless. She has however mastered the art of sailing through tides in and remaining relevant in the lucrative entertainment industry.

Here some of the reactions from Kenyans;

KIMKIM: You have spoken to my heart. May the year bless us.

Carrol Carey: Tunakujua sana. 2020 ulitundanganya, 2021 ukatundanganya, saa hii sisi si wajinga.

Kip-la: Kabisa Syokau. Tupanuliwe kabisa.

Shiroh wa kiambu: 2023 be good to us. 2022 has not been easy.

Farmer: The prayers be answered

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