“Uko na Utoto,” Drama as Azziad Nasenya Walks out Interview with Radio Maisha host Mwende Macharia

Azziad Nasenya walked out of an interview with Radio Maisha's Mwende Macharia

Kenyan queen of TikTok Azziad Nasenya has reportedly walked out of an interview at Radio Maisha where she was hosted by media personality Mwende Macharia.

According to the reports, Azziad walked out of the show after the host brought up the question of Talanta Hela.

Azziad is among Kenyan celebrity whose appointment to Talanta Hela Technical Committee was revoked. Through a gazette notice, Sport CS Ababu Namwamba cancelled the appointment of Azziad together with, Jimmi Gathu, Kate Actress and Wahu Kagwi.

In videos that have gone viral on social, Azziad Nasenya is seen walking towards the elevator as she laments about the incident. She confirms that she has indeed cancelled the interview.

No apology, Mwende Macharia says

While reacting to the incident, Mwende Macharia has maintainef tha she is not apologetic as she was doing what she is supposed to do. According to the popular radio host, the interview would have been meaningless without the question.

That is her own problem. Ana utoto… she has said no comment. We had finished the questions. Actually we agreed… does she want us to make her trend? You see I am a journalist if I was not going to ask that question that interview would be meaningless .” She said.

Mwende Macharia and Azziad Nasenya were live on TikTok when the incident occured. The veteran dancer was irritated after the interviewer sought to know her thought on revoke of her appointment and she yelled back,” Nimecance we are so done.

Azziad Nasenya and Ababu Namwamba shoes saga

Few days ago, Azziad and Ababu Namwamba made headlines after online detectives noticed striking resemblance on shoe they were in different occasions. Through a video she was captured while in Dubai, Azziad was seen donning sport showers, similar to those of Ababu Namwamba.

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A section of Kenyans went ahead and speculated that the two were sharing them. She however denied the claims, terming the allegations as noises from haters.

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