Otile Brown Speaks On Why Kenyan Music Is Not Going International

Kenyan singer and songwriter Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown has dismissed the notion that Kenyans artist are lazy.

The R&B hit-maker has denied that Kenyan music is not selling internationally because artist are not aggressive.

According to him, the current generation of artist is the most hardworking as compared to those who have come before.

You can’t compare the current generation of artists with the older one. If you look around, you have seen many of them build their houses. It did not happen before. That means the current generation is overworking,” Otile said.

Otile Brown was speaking during his arrival to Kenya after a successful music tour in USA.

Otile now says that language is limiting Kenyan artist. According to him, few artist are sing in international language like English.

The issue with our artists is language. If you look at a country like Nigeria, most artist have composed their music in English. That is what we need to do,”he added.

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