Azziad Nasenya speaks on being spotted with Ababu Namwamba Shoes

For the past one few Days, Kenyan queen of TikTok Azziad Nasenya has been making headlines on social media. The media personality was linked Sport CS Ababu Namwamba. Online detectives took note of striking resemblance of their shoes, and a .ection of Netizens speculated that they were sharing them.

Azziad, who was in Dubai, shared a short clip enjoying the Zip-lining. Kenyans were however quick to observe that she wore shoes that appeared like ones that Ababu Namwamba wore some days ago.

While speaking to Youtuber Vincent Mboya, Azziad has dismissed the speculations as gossips from bitter Kenyans. She revealed that she is not affected by such stories and that she will keep on shining.

Stories ni mob but we move on regardless. Imagine I find myself trending almost every other time.One thing that I always say is people should notice that till now people talk and talk and I still keep moving, I keep soaring I keep getting to heights that I didn’t even knew I would get to, imagine it is God and when he says yes, nobody can say no no matter who you are,” She said.

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The Tiktoker further said that people are always projecting their anger at her because of the tough economic times. Azziad said that by doing so, they are denying themselves blessings unknowingly.

Imagine it’s life, economy imepanda sukari ni bei ya cement, people are mad. But I always say if you are mad and you project it on me maybe at the end of the day I pray to God you’ve blocked your own blessings,” the Sound City radio presenter said.

She however noted that the gossips on social media does not affect her and that she will keep on soaring.

It is life not everyone is gonna love you, there are people who will love you there are people who won’t love you, move with the ones who love you. Its life, it’s been happening, I trend almost every other month. I just live and do what I am supposed to do that day, there’s nothing changes.

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