Teacher opens up on why she got married to her student

A female teacher from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has opened up on why she got into a romantic entanglement with her highschool student despite a huge age gap.

According to Jeannette, she accepted to be the wife of Mamba Remy, a student she was teaching in Highschool, adding that she does not regret the decision that left many puzzled.

What you’ve heard is true. I was a secondary school teacher and my husband was my student. We have been married for 5 years,” Jeannette said.

On his side, Remy narrated how he he courageously faced the teacher and confessed his love for her. He said he could concentrate during her lessons as he was always thinking about her.

We have been married for 5 years and we are blessed with two kids. My wife was my teacher. She used to come to our home to offer home tution. This made us to spend good time together. I gradually became attracted to her to a point that that I could not concentrate during her lessons,” he said.


Despite having a 12 years age gap, Remy was neither deterred nor did he care about what the society would say about their union.

Towards the last year when we were about to do the main exam, I approached her and confessed my feelings. I informed her that I was deeply in love and that I was afraid of telling her because of our age gap. She didn’t say no, she asked me to give her time to think about it,” he said.

On her side, Jeannette said that Remy’s confession that he loved her came as a surprise. She could not believe that her student was yearning to drink from her honeypot.

“I had observed that he was giving attention during my lessons. At first I thought was joking. I even fired back at him that she had disrespected me. But nobody knows about destinies. At times those that we turn away turns to be very important in our lives. After he insisted that he loved me, something suddenly changed in me. I began loving him to a point of yearning to see him every minute,” the teacher narrate.

Even after loving one another, they still faced many challenges from every side. Remy’s family wanted him to quit the relationship, arguing that the teacher was too old for him.

Their love has however remained strong and five years down the line, the pride themselves in a family with two kids.

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