Couple Goals: Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza treats Kenyans to 5 rare photos

Meru County governor Kawira Mwangaza has treated Kenyans to 5 beautiful photos.

The County boss spiced the internet with warm photos of her and husband Murega Baichu, days after surviving impeachment.

Kawira Mwangaza was acquitted of her charges by the senate for lack of proof.

The chairman of 11-member committee formed to investigate the charges labelled against the governor, senator Boni Khalwale delivered the ruling on Friday, 30th December.

The committee has found out that the charges labelled against Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza have not been proved nor substantiated,” Boni Khalwale told the senate.

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One of the accusations that caused heated debate among Kenyans was illegal appointment of first gentleman Murega Baichu to County offices.

In her response, Mwangaza denied the allegations. According to her, she only appointed her husband to take up the leadership of her OKOLEA-foundation.

Husband like no other

The talented guitarist Murega Baichu was very instrumental in governor Kawira’s campaign.

He accompanied her wife in almost all the campaign tours across the Meru County.

His prescence in her campaigns had a lot of influence courtesy of guitar tunes that blend well with his vocals.

His huge presence in Meru County affairs has not gone well with many Members of County Assembly. A number of Kenyans across the Country have termed him as the root cause of the woes facing the governor.

In an earlier public address, Kawira Mwangaza revealed that she is ready to let his husband go off the public. She however vowed that she will not let him shave his beards.

I have been told Murega is the issue, I have asked him not to follow me today. They said guitar is the problem, I told him to put it down. They are now saying his beards is the problem.

I want to assure you that I will not let him shave the beards because that is why I liked him,” Kawira told the public.

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