Top 10 Richest Pastors In Kenya 2023

A number of pastors in Kenya have proven to the world that getting into Christ does not mean attracting poverty. Many of them have not only done well in bringing souls to Christ, but also excelled in corporate, business and entrepreneurial world.In this article, Public News will take a look at top 10 richest pastors in Kenya and their churches.

Top 10 richest Pastors in Kenya

 Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Reverend Kiuna have been ranked as the wealthiest clerical family in Kenya. The family is worth over 4.5 billion shillings.

They are the founders of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC). Besides Kenya, the church also have branches in other states like South Africa, America and Britain.

A number of Kenyan celebrities like Mercy Masika, DJ Moh and Size 8 fellowships in the church.

The couple resides in a multi-millions mansion in the leafy suburbs of Karen in Nairobi.

Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor

Prophet Awour his know for his signature pony-tailed beards. He is the founder of global church-Holiness and Repentance.

The Church is known for its unique way of dressing. Ladies wear long dresses and coats while men restricts themselves to suits.

The pastor regularly holds mega healing rallies and crusades in Kenya that attracts thousands of attendants.

Awour is worth around 3.5 billion shillings.


Kamlesh Patnni

Kamlesh Patnni is worth around 3 billion shillings.

The vocal church minister was a Hindu before he converted to Christianity. He rose to fame though Laico Regency and the Goldenberg scandal.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

Bishop Maegret Wanjiru is by all means an affluent servant of God. Besides her commitment to nourishing people spiritually, she is also a fearless politician.

She once served as Member of Parliament for Starehe constituency. She also unsuccessfully contested for Nairobi senatorial seat in the 2022 general election.

The founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries is worth 2.5 billion shillings.

Pastor Thomas Wahome

He is the founder of Helicopter Ministries. Pastor Wahome is worth around 2.4 billion shillings.

Maina Njenga

Maina Njenga is the founding father of Hope International Ministries based in Kitengela. Before then, the was the leader of famous illegal gang-Mungiki.

He is worth around 2.4 billion shillings.

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Pastor Pius Muiru

Pastor Pius Muiru was popular back from 90s. He would hold mega crusades that attracted thousands of attendants.

Peoples would hold onto radios as he prayed to get healed.

The servant of God contested for Presidency in 2007 but lost.

He is worth around 1.8 billion shillings.

Reverend Teresiah Wairimu

Tresiah Wairimu is the founder of Faith Evangelistic Ministries Family. She shot to fame during the opening of multi-million church in Karen. The function was attended by several prominent leaders including former President of Kenya- Uhuru Kenyatta.

She is worth around 1.5 billion shillings.

Pastor Victor Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari shot to fame through his popular phrase ‘panda mbegu ya 310’.

He was however caught into controversy after journalist Mohamed Ali ‘exposed’ him in a program dubbed ‘Jicho Pevu’,.

The journalist alleged that the preacher was coaching people to be act as lame,blind or other disabilities.Kanyari would then pray for them and claim to have performed a healing miracle.

He was formerly married to gospel singer Betty Bayo who divorced him over infidelity and Jicho pevu expose.

Pastor Kanyari is a wealthy man. Besides driving posh cars, he also resides in a palatial home.

He is worth around 1.1 billion Kenyan shillings.

Bishop Mark Kariuki

Bishop Mark Kariuki as a minister of the word in Deliverance church of Kenya. He is also a businessman and an entrepreneur.

He is worth around Ksh. 1 billion.

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