Githurai Pastor asks Congregation to carry him till they buy for him Prado TX

In the town of Githurai, there resides a pastor by the name of John Mwangi, who possesses a unique approach to avoiding the morally questionable aspects of life. Instead of walking on what he deems as sinful ground, he relies on the support of his devoted followers to carry him wherever he needs to go.

Individuals entrusted with spiritual leadership within communities are commonly known as clergy or priests. In the twenty-first century, there has been a surge in various developments, with a prevailing belief in some quarters that the end of the world is imminent.

According to the congregation, the pastor demanded that the congregation will carry him above the ground until they purchase for him a Brand New Prado TX.

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Pastor John Mwangi of Githurai is among those religious leaders who maintain that certain places are holy and should be kept free from any form of contamination due to their proximity to God. His concept of “sinful ground” implies areas tainted by unfortunate incidents or acts that have resulted in harm to innocent individuals.

This unique practice of being carried rather than walking on such ground has attracted attention, and it was brought to light by a recent post on John Kamau’s official Facebook page, which made the revelation about Pastor John Mwangi public approximately three hours ago.

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