Rashid Abdalla reveals secret behind his thriving marriage

Citizen TV’s journalists Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan are undoubtedly one of the best couples in Kenya. With many Kenyans unable to unravel the secret behind their successful marriage, Rashid Abdalla recently gave a glimpse.

While speaking to Mpasho News journalist Dennis Milimo at the Zari series private launch, the celebrated media personality showered his wife, Lulu Hassan, with avalanche of praises.

Dennis Milimo posed a question on which secret Abdalla harbours, that people do not know. The media personality responded by praising Lulu for giving him strength to love his work.

One secret that many people do not know us that I love my job, but the one beside me gives me strength to love it more.”

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Additionally, Abdalla intimated that Lulu Hassan is a woman who knows how to love for she gives it all when she does from the way she loves her job and the youths.

She is truly in love with what she does, she truly love helping the youths.” He added.

Rashid Abdalla maintained that she has contributed a part in building him in part of his career and also him personally as a person.

Rashid Abdalla has no Problem working with Lulu Hassan

The curious journalist asked Abdalla about how he feels working with his wife in the same media house and also on the same projects and news anchoring together.In response, he disclosed that working with his wife is the best feeling ever. According to him, Lulu is not just a wife, but also a friend.

To be honest, I did not marry beauty but a friend. I am not worried about being with my friend out of the house and inside the studio. When you work with you friend, you definitely make it.

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Abdalla said that he is happy working with a friend who corrects him whenever he is wrong. According to him, a friend is a person who criticizes a person when they are wrong.

I am happy I have a friend. A friend is a person who will tell you the truth without hiding anything. Anybody who hides truth from you is not a friend. A friend will correct you when you do wrong.”

In parting shot, Rashid Abdalla told Lulu,” Continue with your support, continue doing what you love and may the God almighty shower you with more blessings.”

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