Top 5 Most Beautiful Luo Celebrities in Kenya

Ever wondered who are the most beautiful Luo celebrities in Kenya?

Well, there a belief that if you throw a stone in a Luo market, It will most likely hit a doctor. If it misses a doctor it will land on a professor or an engineer.

This is not far from truth. People from the Lake region are known for academic prowess, spirited fight for democratic rights in society and class.

Luo tribe has also produced beautiful stars that are shining not only in Kenya but also globally.

Public News Kenya looks at top 5 most beautiful luo celebrities in Kenya.

Lupita Nyong’o

Top 5 Most Beautiful Luo Celebrities in Kenya

Lupita Nyong’o is the daughter of Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o.

She is award-winning Hollywood actress and a fashion icon. Lupita shot to fame after playing a key role in popular films, Black Panther and 12 years as a slave.

In 2017, she received global recognition after being named the most beautiful African woman on earth.

Tanasha Donna Oketch

Top 5 Most Beautiful Luo Celebrities in Kenya

Tanasha Donna Oketch is born of a Luo mother and Italian father. She is a talented songstress.

She shot to fame in 2019 when her relationship with Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond, became public. The two were blessed with a son, Naseeb Junior.

Before then, Tanasha dated other Kenyan celebrities like Nick Mutuma.



Top 5 Most Beautiful Luo Celebrities in Kenya

Kenyan music artist Akothee has continually proved that Pesa ni sabuni ya Roho. Even at her late 30s, the mother of 5 seems to be getting better with age.

Far from music, Akothee is also an established entrepreneur living largely. One of her business that has stood out is her tourism company – Akothee Safaris.

Joyce Omondi

Top 5 Most Beautiful Luo Celebrities in Kenya

Joyce Omondi is yet another beautiful Luo celebrity.

She is an award-winning gospel musician and a TV personality. She is also wife to Citizen TV’s journalist Waihiga Mwaura.

Her cuteness can best be described as simple and elegant.

Adelle Onyango

Top 5 Most Beautiful Luo Celebrities in Kenya

The KISS FM host is yet another beautiful Luo gem. Adelle has an electrifying voice that has kept millions of ears glued to the radio station.

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