After the kikuyu’s, the Kalenjin community is Kenya’s second wealthiest tribe. Additionally, it has a considerable amount of land and is one of the most populated communities. The Kalenjin thrive at athletics, a sport that has brought many of them millions of shillings in income outside of farming. Most of richest kalenjins in Kenya have heavily invested in Agricultural sector.

In this article, Public News takes a look at the top 5 Richest Kalenjins in Kenya

The Moi Family

The richest family in the entire rift valley is that of the late president Daniel Moi. With Moi being in government for 24 years, his family made a lot of wealth during this time.

They have made large investments in agriculture, industry, real estate, and other sectors. The net worth of the Moi family is estimated to be at Ksh 300 billion. Not only are they the richest Kalenjin’s, but they are also the richest family in Kenya.

The Biwott Family

The late Daniel Biwott made investments in a number of industries, including construction, real estates, tourism, agriculture, and energy. According to reports, his family is worth more than Ksh 110 billion.

President Ruto

The President owns shares of numerous companies, including Media Max Safaricom, Kenya Airways, and Amaco, and has also invested in the hospitality sector. His estimated Net worth is more than Ksh30 billion.

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The Kiprop Group of Companies, which specializes in dairy goods and transportation services, was founded and is led by Zedekiah Kiprop.He owns companies like Buzeki Enterprises Limited, Buzeki Dairy Limited, Bunoil Limited, Buzeki Insurance Limited and Buzeki Fleet System Management Limited. His estimated net worth is more than Ksh 4.2billion.

David Langat

Langat, also known as DL, is the creator and proprietor of the DL group of companies, which manages various tea plants in Tanzania and the Rift Valley. The tycoon with a base in Mombasa is rumored to be one of William Ruto’s backers.

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