Stivo simple Boy forced to share bed with 2 ladies during failed Mombasa concert

Singer Stivo Simple Boy’s management has raised eyebrows following the artist failure to perform in the much anticipated concert.

The management and comedian Eric Omondi have been trading accusations with each party distancing itself from the incidence.

Simpe Boy was set to do a performance at Sofire Fiesta event that was graced by Nigerian girlfriend-hitmaker Ruger on December 28, 2022.

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It however turned out that Stivo did not perform.His MIB management has maintained that the rapper failed to perform because the organisers failed to pay him before he got on stage.

Omondi on his side has blamed the management for letting Stivo down.

Stivo Simple Boy Management must resign immediately or I’ll have them arrested. How do you bring an artist all the way from Nairobi na hata ajalipwa hata shillingi moja, kwani kazi yako kama manager ni nini. Alafu you only inform me of this at the backstage last minute. Alafu mnakula 84,000 worth of food and drinks na Stivo ajalipwa na mnampandisha basi. Alafu why does Stivo have 4 managers?” Eric ranted on social media.

Eric has maintained that he did his part and he is not to blame.

Mimi I did my part. I spoke to Ruger’s people and Simple Boy’s people and they were to be paid, and infact everybody was paid, including Ruger, Ndovu Kuu, Kusa and all the DJs. All along, I knew Stivo had been paid only for the managers to tell me hajalipwa just as I was calling him to come to the stage,” Eric added.

The comedian has now promised to get Simple Boy new management .

Stivo Simple Boy spent night in the same room with 2 ladies

Sources have further revealed that Stivo Simple Boy was forced to share bed with two ladies.

While speaking to 2Mbili TV, his managers Loise and Gift Nasimiy have narrated how the were forced to share bed with the singer.

“Eric Omondi comes out and says management yake imefail, we have a recording here. He called us at 4 am by the way. Hio time tulikua kwa room. Walikua wametubukia room moja, bed moja Stivo, Loise na mimi coz the other manager anawork na wao so he wasn’t involved. So wametubukia kushare kitanda moja na msanii then wanatuslap na bill,” Gift said.

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The managers have maintained that Eric Omondi is to blame for the woes.

Tulikua na events mbili hio ya So Fire and Stivo was also supposed to shoot a video with Dogo Skills. So what happened was when kina So Fire didn’t confirm about Stivo’s performance – by confirming I mean they had not sent any deposit or even the transport money, we decided to focus on hii ya kina Dogo Skills. So that’s how Stivo alipanda V8 akakuja hadi Mombasa. That was his choice by the way, hakukua na story ya sijui basi ama nini it was more of him wanting that road trip kind of experience.

Gift further revealed that Eric wanted to forcefully make Stivo to step on stage and perform. She has said that the comedian should not pretend to care about music artists.

Eric goes ahead and say ohh management ya Stivo be arrested yet he called us akisema we should take the artiste to the venue aperform tu kwa sababu ati Rugar ameshafika ati we let the artiste perform. So Eric why would you say ati you are fighting for Kenyan artistes yet hadi tunakuambia Eric this artiste has not been paid he cannot go on stage. And munatuma watu muaanza kutudrag kwa corridor munavuta msanii aende kwa stage forcefully then you come and start playing cards here on social media” She added.

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