Popular Comedian Mulamwah not yet healed

  • Carrol sonie gets a new boyfriend
  • Comedian mulamwah expose Sonie for being ungrateful.

Popular Kenyan Comedian Mulamwah has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans online. The comedian has torn into his Ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie’s love lifeand exposed her for dating a ‘mubaba’.

Carrol Sonie New Boyfriend

Carrol Sonie has over the weekend revealed her new boyfriend months after breaking with Mulamwah. Sonnie posted beautiful photos with her bae having a good time at undisclosed place.

In one of the video, the sultry actress could be seen holding hands with her new king while showing off her nails. This was the caption;

“Babe, I’m ready for the ring now. Thank you.”

In the other video, Carrol was seen romantically stroking the beards of the man.

“I can’t get enough of this. Answered prayers,” she wrote.


Comedian Mulamwah expose Carrol Sonie

In an onslaught that was directed to the Baby Mama, Mulamwah has proven that she has not yet healed. The comedian has accused Sonie for being ungrateful.

“Kumbe hata ningeacha tu ubleed ukufe time ulikua unatoa mimba,” he wrote,” unasaidiwa then unakuja kunia kwa sahani.”

Mulamwah has further accused the actress of denying him a chance to see his child.

“Mtoto ulikuwa utupe kwa choo ndio unajifanya vile unampenda, unaninyima time ya mtoto mimi na mzazi wangu ndio huishi na mzee? Na huku nje una rant eti hausaidiwi,” he added.

Comedian Mulamwah has however asked her Ex-girlfriend to date whoever she pleases as long as she doesn’t interfere with her daughter’s life.

“Date whoever you want but keep out of little girl’s way.”

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Mulamwah not yet healed.

Mulamwah’s continued tirade on Carrol sonie is a proof that the Comedian has not yet healed from the breakup.

Before the breakup, the duo was a dream couple. They were everything anybody would have wished for in a relationship. Mulamwah’s social media accounts were painted with beautiful photos of the two.

Comedian Mulamwah expose Carrol Sonie for dating a Mubaba

Did Comedian Mulamwah make a lot of emotional investment? Your guess is as good as ours.

YY Comedian plead with Mulamwah to forget the bitter past

Media personality YY Comedian has urged Mulamwah to heal from the past and move on.

“If well tell you what ladies have done to us, you will pity us. Save your dark tales and take the Leave,” he said.

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  1. Let’s the past go and let’s struggle on what’s coming it maybe a blessing or something else which I don’t know,,, please let’s try to focus on the upcoming things for the past has nothing profitable for us,,,

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