Carrol Sonie Broke as she trades her dreadlocks for 300K

Carrol Sonie Broke?

Comedian Mulamwah Ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie has left Kens in shock after disclosing that she is selling her shaved dread locks at 300,000 shillings.

Carrol Sonie shaving her dread locks

Sonie made the revelation while responding to a fan who asked whether she can buy the locks.

“Selling them at 300K…if interested hit me up,” she responded.

Carrol Sonie shaved her signature dreadlocks two days a go. It is still unclear why the sultry model took the move.

Some nosey Kenyans netizens have contemplated that Sonie is going through financial difficulties. According to them, she preferred a less complicated hairstyle to save on the cost of maintaining the locks.

“Sema kimeumana…we told you to maintain a normal hairstyle, ona sasa umejiaibisha. Shave and be humble,” a fan commented on her Facebook page.

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