Eric Omondi To Charge Ksh.50M to see her baby

Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that his first baby will be born in few weeks time. He has however noted that to see her daughter, there are some few conditions that should met.

Last week, Eric Omondi did a gender reveal party. The beautiful event was graced by few friends. The comedian went ahead ahead and coloured a waterfall pink to signify that he will be father of a daughter.

Eric Omondi has now maintained that it will cost someone Ksh 50 million to have a glimpse of her daughter’s face.

To see my daughter’s face will be costly. To put her face into public, I will need Ksh. 50 million. Whoever who will give me that amount, will see the face even if it will mean publishing it on a magazine. It will not be easy to see her face,” he said.

While defending his move, Eric Omondi said; ” I have decided to put a low price considering the hard economic times. If we place the normal charge, it will not be good, that is the lowest price.”

The comedian further refuted claim that his move is a crafty plan to con kenyans. He said that Kenyans are at will to pay and that nobody will be forced.

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I am charging that amount because the baby is special. Don’t forget that she is the daughter of Eric Omondi, that alone warrants her Ksh. 50M. She is very beautiful. I saw her yesterday through scan. I saw her smiling,” he added.

Eric Omondi’s demand has however contradicted his earlier remarks. Earlier on, Omondi said that once the baby is born, he will open social media accounts for her, where he will be posting her photos.

He said that the social media accounts of his baby will grow at a high rate and overtake those of celebrities like KRG, Ringtone and Khaligraph.

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