5 things that can make a man poor

Popular Kenyan motivational speaker-cum-preacher Dr K.N Jacob has advised men on how to avoid poverty. Dr Jacob who boasts wealth of wisdom in life skills, took to social media 5 things can easily lead one to financial struggle.

Here are some of the things that can make one poor;

You are a man of many girls. Dating and having steamy sessions with many girls comes at a cost. They see you as their ATM – rent, shopping, parties and countless favors – will permanently empty your shallow pockets.

You are a man of many bottles. Alcohol addiction will reap off all your income. Indulging in alcohol will mess your health, work and family. Most alcoholics swim in abject poverty.

You are addicted to gambling. How do you think the owners of gambling companies afford high-end houses, luxury vehicles and choppers? They eat the money of fools.

All your friends are poor. If everyone around you is poor, you think it’s normal to be poor. Misery loves company. You’ll never rise above the level of your association.

You have a poverty mentality. You don’t expect to be rich. You label every rich person as corrupt. You live in debt – buying things you can’t afford (yet) to cover up your financial status.

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