Vera Sidika has hinted on giving her daughter an exclusive 1st tooth party

Socialite Vera Sidika has hinted on surprising her daughter Asia Brown with an exclusive first tooth party. Through her to social media accounts, Vera has disclosed that her daughters teeth are peeping. The overjoyed mother has revealed that she is considering showering Asia with a party to celebrate the first teeth.

“I swear Vera first tooth is peeping. Wow!!! sijui we throw a first tooth party,” she said.

Vera Sidika hints at giving her daughter Asia brown an exclusive first tooth party

Vera Sidika sired the baby with Brown Mauzo in 20th October, 2021. The girl is now 8 months old.

This is however not the fist time Vera is flaunting her affluence.

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Early this year, in a revelation that left her fans dumbfounded, Vera revealed her daughter sleeps on a 300k bed. While teasing her followers, Vera said she imprted the bed from UK.

“I Can’t wait to unveil Asia’s nursery. At 6 months so magical. Damn. Girl be sleeping on a bed worth 300,000 shillings from UK,” she said.

A section of her fans fans have dismissed her display of affluence as clout chasing. Here some of comments from fans responding to post made by Nairobi gossip;

Comments for Vera Sidika

“Weeeeeeeuh! The only woman in the🌎 to give birth is giving us sleepless night

Chikwekwe Ati what???? Toothi kwa? I have never heard of such a thing before and does that mean you will hold a party every time your girl grows a tooth? 32 teeth parties loading ewooooo!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣👏

They would have celebrated first poop and susu nonsense.

Well you can throw a party even when the kid farts like we care.

Congratulations are in order the first woman to give birth in the whole universe 😏🚮

Honey the money is yours. Do anything that pleases you. It’s your first baby I understand. Even me if I had the mula I would do a lot more for my kids. Enjoy your baby.

Eti tooth party ….,the money is yours..but you can use the money elsewhere to help other kids who are not in a position to have a good meal…..,

Absolutely none of our business. They can even throw a party to celebrate when kagal is peeing. Nonsense!”

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