5 Popular Kenyan Celebrities That Did Not Go Beyond Highschool

Many people think that Education is key to richness but a number of Kenyan celebrities have proved this wrong. There are several big names in Kenya that did not see the university door. Today we take a look at some of them.

Kenyan Celebrities who have no degrees

1. Willy Paul

Willy Paul is undoubtedly a music star minting millions from his music. The popular ‘LIAR’ hit maker is a true testimony that lack of education does not guarantee poverty. His  music stardom began in 2011 when his  ‘Rabuka’ hit came into limelight.

The gospel-turn-secular singer joined Brainhouse secondary school in Mathare area. Poverty however forced him to drop. He later registered for KCSE exams in 2013. It is still no clear whether he sat for the exams.

2. Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is one of the best radio host in Kenya. His show in Classic 105 has brought him out as a skillful media personality. The posh life he lives is also a testimony that he is making good money from the job. Surprisingly, he did not step in journalism school.

After finishing secondary school, Maina Kageni was sent to United Kingdom to study. Unknown his family member, Kageni did not study but became a truck driver in one of the Chinese firm. He later jetted back and landed a job as a radio host.

3. Bahati

Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati is among Kenyan Celebrities who do not know how university look like. Bahati lost his parents at a tender age. He grew up under the care of ABC orphanage in Mathare slums. Upon completing highschool studies, Bahati ventured into music that picked up so well.

The musician-cum-politician is now eying Mathare parliamentary seat.

4. Pastor Ng’ang’a

Neno evangelism minister Pastor Ng’ang’a is arguably a household name. His influence is felt across Kenya. He boasts a lot of property including posh cars.

Unknown to many, NG’ang’a did not step in high school. He was arrested at a young age which denied him the chance.

5. Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe whose real name is Alhuda Njoroje is among the Kenyan celebrities reaping big from the entertainment industry. The socialite-cum-businesswoman attended Kajiado Hills Girls Academy. Due to truancy and delinquency, Huddah was forced to attended several other school.

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