“Pesa kama njugu” Peter Miracle Baby spends over 80K in one night

Kenyan Mugithi and gengetone artist Peter Miracle Baby is a lover of good things in life and he is not afraid to show it on social media.

He recently left fans in shock after flaunted a bill of Ksh. 87,930. The singer spent the huge cash after a night out with friends.

In a video shared by his girlfriend Carol Katrue, Miracle Baby says he had to spend since his friends were around.

Baby yaani hizi ndio pesa ulitumia jana?” Carol Katrue wondered wondered why her hubby would spend huge amount of cash yet they a baby to take care of.

Peter however defended the expenditure by saying that; ” Eeeh kwani. Si nilaaikuwa na mabeshte zangu?”

A section of Fans on social media was not amused by Peter’s move. They expressed their disappointment in his actions seeing that last year, Katrue took to her socials asking Peter’s fans to help raise Ksh 300K for him to undergo surgery to unblock his intestines.

Hae guys it’s a higher time to address Peter’s health. The main reason is Peter’s stomach has been having issues since 2018 when he had an obstruction in the intestines. He then underwent the first surgery and was successful. Recently in 2020, the stomach started aching once in a while till yesterday when it started aching frequently and we took him to Neema where he was unconscious So the only way for him to heal is to have a second surgery which is costing Ksh. 300,000.”

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Shortly after the appeal, Katrue told Mungai Eve that they no longer needed the money since Kenyans didn’t contribute as they had expected.

The cash fans sent was only 1K. We used 70K and out of that 10 K was sent by Dennis Itumbi. The other 60K ni sisi tuliprovide.”

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