“My son spend ksh. 50,000 per day,” Krg the Don reveals

Kenyans singer Karuga Kimani popularly known as KRG The Don has once again sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans online. This is after claiming that his son Neville spend over 50,000 shillings daily.
KRG was speaking to SPM TV.

In the interview, the Mathogothanio hit-maker revealed that Neville uses the money to buy toys and and other necessities.

My firstborn son Neville uses 50K per day. Akikosa hio, hata kuamka hawezi. He uses the cash to buy his toys ba kujispoil,” he said.

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According to KRG, his children are used to lavish lifestyle because he has a lot of money.

KRG the Don considers himself as one of the richest Musician in Kenya. Earlier on in an interview with Tv47, the singer disclosed that he is worth more than 5 billion shillings.

The singer added that he made his first million in 2008 when he was only 17 years old.

I am approaching KSh 5 billion, pesa iko hii dunia . I made my first million in 2008 when I was 17,” the singer daid during the interview.

According to KRG, he grew a smart kid and that is why he managed to accrue so much wealth within a short time. He revealed that his father used to give him a lot of money, somw of which he saved and invested wisely.

I was always a smart kid, and from an early age in High school, I started making money. My dad used to give me a lot of money, he used to give me like KSh 150k, and I only needed sh 40k. I was keen and used it wisely.”

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