Guardian Angel opens up on his relationship with his step children

Kenyan popular gospel singer Peter Omwaka, popularly known as Guardian Angel has opened up on his good relationship with his almost-same-age step children.

Speaking recently during an interview with a local blog, the singer affirmed that he relates well with all Esther Musila‘s children; Gilda Naibei, Glenn Naibei, na Kim.

Wao ni watu wakubwa. We have a good relationship, a very healthy relationship,” Guardian Angel said.

On her side, Esther Musila disclosed that it was not hard for her children to get along well with her 35 year old husband. She shared that the three children embraced him as one of the family members.

Further, she alluded that it was not hard for her children to know that she was dating someone, as she started behaving differently.

One day I told them that I was dating Guardian Angel. You know how children behaves. As their only parent they were very worried. They felt that after I get into a relationship I will leave them but Guardian came into their lives by storm. They got along well from the first day,” she said.

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Responding to online haters, Guardian Angel said that she does not regret to date the 53 year old woman.

He noted that many marriages have broken up despite men marrying younger women as society demands.

My promise to my woman is above age. It goes beyond people opinions because once you get into bed, it’s you and your wife. Let the online haters continue talking on social media,” he added.

The 35 singer said that from the beginning, he has never cared what people say about his relationship to Esther.

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