“Nimetumwa na mungu,” Eric Omondi delivers a powerful sermon in church

Self proclaimed Africa King of Comedy and one of the most controversial Kenyan celebrities Eric Omondi has once again elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online. This is after he decided to show up in one of churches in Nairobi and minister the word of God.

In his sermon, Eric Omondi read a verse from Numbers. He claimed that he is the donkey sent by God to foresee and clean the mess in the gospel industry.

The comedian did this to prove that he indeed been sent by God to speak out the ills amongst gospel musicians.

A week a go, Eric Omondi caused a buzz on social media after he called out gospel artists to sanitize the industry. The self-made moral police dished out allegations against some artists.

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In the video he shared on social media, Eric accused Ringtone Apoko of ‘dining’ multiple girls.While speaking to the congregation, Eric maintained that God choose him because he has influence and potential to bring back sanity in gospel music industry.

The former Churchill Show Comedian also revealed publicly that he is a born again Christian.

He vowed that he will not allow gospel music go on its knees while he has the ability to bring change.He however admitted that it is not easy to bring about change, adding that he is counting on God’s grace to help him.

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Eric Omondi war on national government

The comedian further added that after cleaning the gospel industry, he will go after the national government. According to him, the government has the ability to reduce the cost of living but it has instead chosen to give it a blind eye. He added that he is not ready to let Kenyans continue losing their lives because of hunger.

Eric Omondi reiterated that he is capable of handling the situation and that he will not be intimidated.

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