Form 2 boy in Kitui die after winning Ksh. 200K bet

Form Two boy in Kitui die after winning Ksh. 200K bet

Residents of Maliku village in Katulani district are in shock after a form two student was found dead days after willing a Ksh.200K bet.

An outcry erupted in a village in Kitui County after a form two boy was allegedly killed a few days after winning two hundred thousand Kenyan shillings in a lottery game.

Reports have revealed that the boy the boy won the bet two weeks a go after he correctly predicted the outcome of Cup final match between Manchester United and Newcastle United.

The form two students used his neighbour’s ID to register the phone line he was using with the phone to participate in online lottery games and that day, luck stood in his favor and he won the money.

According to the family, the boy did not reveal that he had won the huge sum of money. He however hinted to his mother after he requested to be transferred to boarding schools, adding that he will pay the fees without clarifying the source of money.

The body of the student was discovered in a thicket on Saturday, March 4, six days after he disappeared, with his eyes removed.

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The boy left home on February 27, to go to school as usual but did not return home that evening.

The family waited for him until the second day when he also failed to return home and when they arrived at school they were told that he had not been at school in the two weeks and that he was missing from home.

His body, with his eyes removed, was discovered in the bush six days after he was last seen – Saturday, March 4.

According to the report, site where his body was found had motorcycle tire tracks, indicating that he may have been killed elsewhere and his body taken somewhere on a motorcycle, the newspaper reported.

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